Test and disinfection equipment for probes

C-10 Probetester is a device that automatically measures leakage current, disinfects and rinses ultrasound probes.

C-10 Probetester is very easy to use.

The probe is placed in the process tube and with two pressures the process will start. After a completed cycle, C-10 prints a receipt that verifying if the probe has successfully passed the processes.

C-Probetester is intended for probes without channels such as TEE probes, Transvaginal & Transrectal probes.

C-10 works in two cycles. During the first cycle, the probe is tested for electrical leakage while in disinfection solution. The second cycle rinses the probe with filtered water. Disinfection and rinse time is set by the user depending on the solution being used. The C-10 also has a self-disinfection program.

Use of C-10 is an effective way of verifying that the probe is electrically safe to use on a patient, that there are no bite holes or cracks on the isolation of the probe. The C-10 simplifies the handling of the probe for the staff as well as increases patient safety that the probe is disinfected and has no leakage.