Repair of probes

We can help you repair your probes. We can repair all kinds of standard probes, 3D / 4D probes, TEE probes, video / ultrasound endoscopes. We can do the cable and connector repair, flexible joints repair, crystals repair and replacement of outer insulation layers.

It takes about two to five business days to analyze the probe and provide a cost estimate for the repair. Depending on the damage, it takes between 10-15 working days to repair the probes. If you are not interested in repairing the probe, you only pay for the analysis and for the freight. If you decide to repair the probe, we do not charge for the analysis.

Loan probes are available for both standard probes and TEE probes. We can also offer exchange probes at really good prices. On average, you save 60% on repairing a probe against the cost of buying a new one.